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PEER-Systems is an investment into quality and the medical travel industry. We have designed a patient experience ratings portal called IHQData (International Healthcare Quality Data). Medical facilities can now forward their patient experience ratings to IHQData, where TPAs and Self-Insured companies will be able to create Medical Travel Packages, to present to employees in need of a medical procedure or treatment.


For decades international hospitals have raved about their quality and low-costs, in comparison to US Hospitals. But regardless of the superiority of services offered, international medical facilities cannot tell Americans how great their facility is - Americans have to tell Americans how great the facility is. And, when it comes to communicating product and service quality, Americans only speak one language - Consumer Ratings.  


A recent study showed 7 out of 10 Americans rely on digital consumer ratings  before making a purchase. The popularity of consumer rating sites, like Yelp, average 145 million unique visitors every month. Amazon, Ebay, TripAdvisor, all rely on digital consumer ratings to convince Americans to purchase. So, it would stand to reason, a digital consumer rating is absolutely critical if Americans are to begin participating in the vast advantages of medical travel.


Until now international hospitals could only rely on accredidations to convince potential patients of the quality of services offered. The lack of a consumer rating has stifled medical tourism growth in the United States and kept Third Party Administrators, who arrange healthcare services for Self-Funded Businesses, from offering medical travel as an option.  Unfortunately, no matter how great the medical services are abroad it has been too difficult to convince Americans to travel for medical treatments and procedures.


The combination of PEER-Systems and IHQData brings an end to stagnant growth in medical travel. PEER-Systems and IHQData will work together to create Medical Travel Packages unlike any the healthcare industry has ever known.  

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American workers are ready for medical travel to lower costs.  Just be sure to speak their language - consumer ratings!

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